Course Cost: $65
Course Length: 2 Hours

A great opportunity for someone who has very little to no shooting experience with a pistol. All that is necessary to bring to class is a willingness to learn and a "can do" attitude.

Course Requirements:
Desire to learn about the sport of shooting

Topics Covered:

  • Safety and mindset

  • Pistol nomenclature and function

  • Loading and unloading procedures

  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • The "Press Fire"

Intermediate Pistol

Course Cost: $75
Course Length: 3 Hours

If you run a pistol hard enough, eventually you will experience a stoppage. This course will provide the student the tools needed to solve the problem quickly and efficiently and get the pistol back into action. We reinforce basic shooting principles and marksmanship, while introducing techniques easily practiced at home.

Course Requirements:
Students must possess a basic knowledge of the nomenclature and functioning of their semi-auto pistol and be able to make the pistol ready, safely and without assistance.

Required Gear

  • A semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm or greater

  • At least one spare magazine

  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition

Topics Covered:

  • Firearm safety review

  • The "Press Fire"

  • Work space pistol manipulation

  • Reloads

  • Jam clearances

  • Reinforcement of basic pistol marksmanship

advanced PISTOL

Course Cost: $100
Course Length: 4 Hours

This 4-hour course will introduce new shooting drills, movement techniques, and advanced personal defense techniques to students. This pistol course incorporates all of the previous curriculum and adds to it progressively faster moving instruction, and a higher stress shooting environment. This course is great for those interested in advancing their shooting abilities in the realms of both competition and personal defense.

Course Requirements:
It is strongly encouraged that students take the Intermediate Pistol Course first. Students should already possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform emergency reloads and to clear jams.

Required Gear

  • A semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm or greater

  • At least 3 magazines

  • A quality strong-side holster that will remain open even with the gun removed

  • Two weak-side mag pouches

  • A quality belt

  • A tucked shirt

  • Pants (no shorts)

  • A billed cap

  • Athletic footwear

  • 250 Rounds of ammunition

Topics Covered:

  • Firearms Safety

  • Holster work

  • Cover and Concealment

  • Multiple Targets/Transitions

  • Failure to stop drills

  • Pivots and closing distance drills

  • Reloads and jam clearances will be incorporated throughout the course

Kentucky CCDW Course

Course Cost: $75
Course Length: 8 Hours


This course, as set forth by the State, fulfills the requirements of training in order for one to apply for a Kentucky concealed carry permit.

Course Requirements:

  • Be a Kentucky resident of at least 21 years of age on day of class

  • Legally capable of possessing a handgun in Kentucky

What to Bring:

  • An unloaded handgun in a case, holster, or range bag. No naked guns

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection if you have your own

  • A cleaning kit

  • A black pen

  • A packed lunch


Course Cost: $99
Course Length: 2 Hours

This Youth Introduction to Firearms class welcomes kids of all ages to learn to safely handle and shoot both .22 caliber rifles and handguns. Kids will be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. They will sit through a short class room instruction where the instructor will focus on the core principles of firearm safety and handling.

Course Requirements:
Desire to learn about the Gun safety and etiquette
Must have a legal guardian present
Age requirement- 10 years old

Topics Covered:

  • Gun safety

  • Gun etiquette

  • How to properly hold each firearm

  • What to do if there is a firearm present but no adult

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