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Louisville Armory offers three sophisticated shooting bays: twelve lanes for pistol and six lanes for rifle/pistol. Our lanes are twenty-five yards long and visibly marked at three, five, seven, ten and fifteen yards to help you position your target. To keep you focused, each of our lanes has an automatic target holder, individual stall lighting, sound absorbing material, and armor plating between lanes. An environmental control system in our bays helps to ensure that your shooting experience is both safe and comfortable.

When you first arrive at Louisville Armory, you must go through a series of steps before you can use our facilities and equipment. These steps include:

  • Checking in with a valid photo ID
  • Signing a waiver of liability
  • Participating in a safety briefing

If it is your first time shooting and you're not accompanied by an experienced shooter, you will also need to go through an additional safety and instructional session.

These steps are put in place to ensure the highest level of safety for all visitors. For more information, please see the Louisville Armory rules or contact us.  




Monday- CLOSED
Tuesday - 10AM-9PM
Wednesday - 10AM-9PM
Thursday - 10AM-9PM
Friday - 10AM-9PM
Saturday _ 10AM-9PM
Sunday - 10AM-6PM