• Louisville Armory (map)
  • Kline Court
  • Louisville, KY, 40205
  • United States

This 2-hour pistol course is the perfect course for those interested in learning more about firearms as well as preparation for carrying concealed. One of Louisville Armory Academy's highly trained instructors will cover firearms safety, the different types of pistols, their function, as well as the fundamentals of pistol shooting. Students will spend time in both the classroom and range.

Course Requirements:
Desire to learn about the sport of shooting

Required Gear

  • 100 Rounds of Ammunition

Topics Covered:

  • Weapons Safety
  • Revolver, double action, single action, external safety, dual safety, modern trigger safety. How they function.
  • Loading and unloading in a controlled manner.
  • Grip, Stance, Sight picture, Sight alignment, breathing and trigger control.