Israeli Combat Shooting Level 1

Israeli Combat Shooting Level 1

Learn the same combat tested methods that have been used for more than 30 years by the MOSSAD, IDF, Israeli Counter-Terrorism and other military/police units. ICS is designed for close-quarters combat that teaches the shooter to “draw, cock and shoot” in a matter of seconds while combining safety, stability and mobility. Regardless of your level of shooting skill or ability, Israeli Combat Shooting is a practical shooting system that can be mastered in just a few hours. 

Prerequisites: Students must be 21 years of age, no criminal history, have own equipment with some firearms experience

Course Description:  This class is an introductory level gun safety/training class taught with CCDW in mind. In it the students will learn gun safety, safe gun handling, proper storage, nomenclature, shooting fundamentals, carry and proper draw techniques, ammo basics, proper interaction with LEO and basic gun ownership in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Objective: To instruct students in the basics of ICSS Concealed Carry shooting.

•Demonstrate safe gun storage and handling

•Demonstrate disassembly/assembly procedures and function check

•Demonstrate the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship 

•Demonstrate a safe draw sequence

•Demonstrate proficiency through written test and shooting qualification

Student Equipment: Good condition Semi-auto pistol 9mm or larger; Strong side holster; 3 mags or speed loaders, Mag pouch; Concealment garment, Eye/Ear Pro; Stable footwear; gun cleaning kit, black ink pen and 250 rds factory ammo.

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